Don Babinsky on Chinese Drywall

I’m a firm believer that everyone involved with this ugly issue has been victimized by an unfortunate set of circumstances, which is to say that nearly everyone involved had only the best of intentions originally. A tremendous amount of pressure was put on the supply-chain to get that house built thru that time era.

So, the entire industry has suffered yet another devastating sucker-punch at a time when it could least afford it. Sadly, this situation has not just resulted a “black eye”…many are hemmoraging…and realtors are caught in the crossfire of this battle.

The parents of a child with chronic illness trapped with no ability to leave… the retired couple who unwittingly moved into a “sick” home with subsequent zero support from their builder… the stigma of a beautiful neighbourhood with reactive drywall issues (and the resulting plummeting property values)… the list goes on and on.

As one involved in the professional remediation of such homes, one single, definitive point needs to be made…

“Regardless of how or why reactive drywall came into the structure, the leading health and construction experts all agree that the reactive drywall MUST be removed in it’s entirety, with particular attention to HEPA micro-cleaning of the entire interior shell prior to installation of the new gypsum.”

Very few homeowners will be either able or willing to invest $70,000 + in remediating their home in such a manner. Will the government be? Only time will tell.

The clock keeps on ticking.

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