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American Apathy

National Apathy

The other day a bumper sticker on a passing car gave me the words to an unexplained and desperate emotion that a lot of Americans share today:
“I love my country, but I am afraid of my government”.

Over the years there has been an ever consuming cancer of complacency devouring the very foundation of our great country. Although, we are peripherally aware of the hideous way politicians are acting while at the helm of this run-away legislative train, we fail to voice our objections to over legislation. Perhaps we are like the proverbial “deer in the headlights”, frozen, not knowing what to do about it?
We elect our representatives to listen and vote in our interest, which should take precedence over their own personal preferences. The elected officials should work in concert with their constituency and if a personally-conflicting issue should arise, the vote of the constituency‘s convictions should be their priority. We should hold them to that unyielding duty.
Our elected representatives should lead by example and remain above reproach with an extraordinary idealist convictions and possess an unwavering sense of integrity, anything less is unacceptable.
Politicians should be paid by their constituency and not the federal government. Their housing and benefits should be determined by the people they represent, and not the federal government.
It is not at all doubtful that most elected officials have the highest of intentions when they were first elected. Surely they were determined to make a difference. But the very nature of the beast of politics is counter productive to that end. Once they were elected and in office, they must play the political game to make that difference. Longevity is the key to power in order to make a real difference. Thereby their efforts become corrupt in the simplest form of the word:“Harmed by errors or alteration“
Indeed, the system itself erodes the personal integrity and dilutes the moral conscience of politicians and the longer they serve, the more diluted and out of touch they become as they grope for the assimilation of power. The constant demand to stay in office long enough to achieve goals is a “catch 22” situation. This is the cancer eating away at our freedom and democracy. That scares me!
It is a conflict of interest to vote yourself a pay raise that is obvious to everyone, but it keeps happening! We make our congressmen employees of the government upon their election to represent the state. Where does their loyalty lie? The temptation of power can be a tremendous motivator and a reason for self-serving selective memory. The lines of loyalty naturally then get blurry. That scares me!
I was amazed to find out there are no laws restricting a convicted felon from holding elected office in congress. Additionally, we allow them to make laws for us to abide by. Sometimes politicians act as though they are above the law. Politicians can openly trade their votes for favors in congress in the name of traditional negotiations despite of what their constituency wants them to do. That scares me too!
Living in the political bubble of Washington DC insulates politicians from reality. When they get special benefits, it further throws them out of touch. When lawmakers make a six figure income, it skews what the normal median income feels like. Why shouldn’t they live like they are above the law? And that scares me.
Because of our national apathy we have failed to stand up on our hind legs and shout “That’s enough” we will continue to roll over, like an old hound dog, to have our belly scratched. Until we learn that wishin’ and hopin’ will never make things better?
If our government continues to spend money like water the coffers will eventually run dry. If they continue to rob retirees of a livable social security income cost of living increases, making higher Medicaid premiums and raising taxes to pay for government bailout policies, Americans will be forced to leave our precious country and to live elsewhere or become homeless. That’s happening already.
Small businesses and entrepreneurs chasing the illusive American dream shouldn’t continue to be held captive by federal restraints levied on to them by government. Today’s governmental controls and added burdens have created an adversarial atmosphere to upstart businesses that might be marginally capitalized.
Our government is headed toward a state of socialism. The national health care bill is just another nail in America’s coffers. Don’t believe me? Why then are the proponents of the new health care bill trying to BULLDOZE the bill into law against over 70% of American support? Ask your doctor’s opinion. Ask him about rationed medicine. Examine who is against this bill. Surely this must be the beginning of Socialism in America.

Yeah, I love my country, But I am afraid of my government!

Spaseeba balshoye, (Russian for Thank you and goodbye)
da svidaniya

JR Hafer, 

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